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I would like to hear about electric vehicles that can efficiently handle that task. Though I am skeptical that electric vehicles will completely replace ICE vehicles, they will continue to increase as a percentage of vehicles sold and have an inevitable impact on the following businesses: Also as mentioned, there will be no more robbery getaways, no police chases, no movie chase scenes, no speeding tickets or fines, no traffic courts, no traffic school, no driving tests, no drivers education, no street racing, etc.

Assuming the cost is the same, you could imagine many people taking the electric option. Gasoline cars are the cheesecake, diesel engines are the main course.When someone in my office starts talking about driverless cars, I always bring up the fact that poor data quality and variation in cell coverage still needs to resolved.On multiple occasions, I've observed map software (vendor omitted) with incorrect information which has negatively impacted driver choices and in some cases extended trip duration (ex roads marked closed which are actually open).Without gas engines the cost of diesel would double.There could be a debate with Alice Friedemann("When the Trucks Stop Running"). Looking back a vehicle was self-amortizing, a farm wagon was also a ride to church, a chariot captured some prize. The physics of carrying around 4000 pounds of metal is bad enough, the economics of borrowing 40,000 dollars for a depreciating asset is worse.