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Sometimes it's just way too obvious, as on a show rebroadcast Wednesday on the CW in Philadelphia. The most amazing oversights on are when two entire families, who supposedly have studied the show, forget how many questions are set up to suggest raunchy (and funny) answers involving body parts or bodily functions. As a result, Harvey's talent agency decided to launch a new show, simply retitled Steve, for the comic based in Hollywood in an effort to keep the show going.The retooled show premiered on September 5 after a few months of preparation, and both ratings and reviews for the program have been less than stellar.Harvey took this horrible city-wide epidemic — which recently led to 5 city health officials being charged with involuntary manslaughter — as an opportunity to make fun of the caller.

The 60-year-old relaunched his daytime show when his previous program was set to be canceled because the host refused to sign his contract because he wasn't getting a raise and couldn't move his show to Los Angeles.

He going to call in, say Cleveland don't deserve jack, and he over there bathing in all that silver water… Flint Mayor Karen Weaver didn't appreciate the dirty joke, and sent a letter to Harvey demanding an apology for the dig, which she said was "in very poor taste." (And she knows something about poor taste living in Flint!

) Video: Jerry O'Connell Shows What Really Happened In Steve's Dressing Room!

We have to have you.” And when it comes to reinforcing rape culture, Steve once told a female caller during a “Good Morning America” segment who asked how to politely turn down a man, that “you cannot stop a guy. We don’t care what you do.” But there are also remarkable things that Steve Harvey has done and continues to do for the community.

While others often talk a lot about charity, Harvey has shown a level of charitable compassion that can’t be denied regardless of his other glaring shortcomings.