Most intimidating football stadium

It has been represented by legendary coaches such as Gil Dobie (1879-1948), Jim Phelan (1893-1974), Jim Owens (1927-2009), and Don James (1932-2013), as well as All-Americans such as George Wilson (1901-1963), Hugh Mc Elhenny (b. It was a male-dominated seaport town teeming with saloons, brothels, timber mills, hardware stores, and horse-drawn carriages which churned along muddy streets.

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A small contingent cheering for Nevada was drowned out by the hometown fans.On November 22, 1900, Washington ushered in the new century by playing Washington Agricultural College (now known as Washington State University).The game ended in a 5-5 tie, establishing a new rivalry that later would become known as The Apple Cup On November 20, 1903, Washington football unified Seattleites like never before.Finally, Suzzallo released a statement that concluded: “The chief function of the university is to train character. Dobie failed to perform his full share of this service on the football field.Therefore, we do not wish him to return next year” (, 56).