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Initialization -------------- Initialize Okapi in the ```` file of a basic application of the project.

This way Okapi will be imported at startup time: ..

Then you could initialize it conditionally as shown below: ..

code-block:: python http_lib = requests if (get_custom_setting('OKAPI_ENABLED') and okapi_uri is not None): project_name = get_custom_setting('OKAPI_PROJECT', required=True) okapi_uri = get_custom_setting('OKAPI_URI', required=True) okapi_client = Api(project_name, requests, okapi_uri) http_lib = okapi_client 0.12.0 (2015-04-01) ------------------- - New Features: - Method `get_mongodb_client` to get a Mongo DB connection client.

First he lost the car, then he got a cane, now “enhanced” living. Just over one year ago, I first wrote about my patient, Bill Lyon.

We were meeting Bill in his new home to interview him about how he became an Alzheimer’s writer. I explained his diagnosis (“posterior cortical atrophy,” an uncommon form of the disease whose initial symptoms are problems with depth perception and attention) and the steps he, his family, and I — “the guy in the white coat” — had taken to diagnose and then treat his disease.

We feel not only our sufferings, but also the sufferings of others.

We'll e-mail you with an estimated delivery date as soon as we have more information. I'm a home cook and have a collection of cookbooks that grows annually. I just got it yesterday at lunchtime and have almost read the whole book.

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I think the hardest part will be choosing just one!

Some visitors were preparing to depart when one of them called out from the other side of the lobby. She was on her feet and making for him like a winning teammate at the final buzzer. Today, I’m explaining what I’ve learned about being a patient by listening to my patient. I was like a loner.” His feelings of isolation were changing him. Slowly and then all at once, he came to see Alzheimer’s as not just a personal disease, but a family one, because whether as patient, caregiver, or family member, we all have Alzheimer’s. “The load takes many different forms, but there’s something that’s on your shoulders, and it’s up to you to do something about it.” One of those choices is to start talking about our fears. Try and create something good out of something bad.” It has been bad, and it’s getting worse. He was talking about the struggle of practicing the craft, of getting the right word and keeping subject and action as close as possible.

Researchers are hard at work trying to discover better treatments. In the weeks and months after I diagnosed him, he hid his diagnosis. He worried people would treat him differently, would think less of him. If we shun the person with the disease, if the person hides, then we’re hiding from one another. He decided to change the culture, to challenge the norm that we avoid people with Alzheimer’s, a norm that makes the person with the disease feel ashamed and so hide from others, and so feel more shame. This six-time Pulitzer finalist who’d made his reputation with hundreds of essays about athletes, people pushing the limits of their physical and mental powers, decided to use his talent to tell the story of losing his powers. “I wanted to explain to people, just because you have Alzheimer’s disease, it doesn’t mean you’re an outcast.” Bill’s essays aren’t just about living with Alzheimer’s. As his disease carries on, the craft is harder to practice. Writing about his and Ethel’s life with Al has shed their privacy.

May this book be a blessing to you and yours as it will be to my family!

Expertly compiled by Lucy Leid, "Countryside Cooking & Chatting" is a handy spiral bound treasury of mouth-watering traditional recipes and reflective wisdom drawn from the culinary traditions of Amish and Mennonite communities.