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The episode’s main plot was another one of those zany farces Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has pulled off so well so many times before.

Back then, Valencia was the hot but mean yoga teacher in a long-established and apparently stable relationship, while Rebecca was the weird new girl in town whose determination to get close to both Valencia and her boyfriend kind of freaked everyone out. Rebecca and Valencia are besties, brought together by their Josh Chan-broken hearts – and a fascination with Josh’s new girlfriend, Anna.Not-quite-caught-in-the-act, they drive Anna and Gravy to the vets, and attempt to use the opportunity to quiz her about Josh…only to find out Anna’s eyebrow salon has CCTV, which means they’ll have to break into the shop to wipe the tapes if they don’t want Anna to find it was actually them, not a Jack Sparrow impersonator, who nearly killed her beloved pet.Being a Sex Maniac It's no secret that men fantasize about sex. In fact, if you turned to your guy and asked to do something way out of your usual sexual wheelhouse it might freak him out.On behalf of heterosexual men I admit it; we tend to fantasize about sexual acts that may be off-limits to some people, such as threesomes and anal sex. For these guys, in theory they want a woman who would do all sorts of crazy things in bed, but the women they actually choose to date would rarely go for it. Which is not to discourage anyone from experimenting in the bedroom; that is always fun if openly communicated and agreed upon in advance of the actual act.