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The hotels facilities include a swimming pool and bars to make your stay as comfortable as possible.We enjoy a traditional Croatian home-cooked meal which affords us the perfect opportunity to become acquainted with our surroundings and our travelling companions for the coming few days.

It's got an unusual twist: it’s played by cellos only.Liburnicon is a festival for fans of science fiction, fantasy, advanced science, history and mythology, organised by the association "Kulturni front" from Opatija.The first Liburnicon was held in 2006, under the name Abbacon.The monastery which includes a convent and small church enriched with ships was constructed in the 16th century by hermits and is situated in beautiful natural surroundings on stone cliffs beside the sea.The route provides the perfect introduction to a part of the world that still retains a sense of being less developed than many other regions of Europe.