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Most people who become followers of Christ – nearly 85 percent, according to the International Bible Society – do so between the ages of 4 and 14.

That means that as parents, we have a brief, remarkably fruitful window to teach our children how to pray.

Together, clip out pictures that represent his topics of prayer from an old magazine or newspaper, or print them from the Internet, and glue them onto the poster board.

[Stop assuming that families with lots of children are religious] Prayer by Height Little kids are very observant.

You just gave up praying three weeks ago because you didn’t have any more motivation either? Well, as I said, sometimes you get the impression that prayer is a grocery list: “Our Father, who art in heaven... But somehow I cannot see that as the prime and certainly not the most satisfying reason. After all, He got more answers than anyone else and He always prayed for the right reasons. And since, as I said earlier, I’m often flummoxed about prayer and get discouraged, these reasons almost always give me a lift -- and sometimes even a jolt. BUILDS OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS I am first called to prayer because it is a key vehicle to building my love relationship with Jesus Christ. Certainly Christ has standards, but we don’t become Christians because we “receive standards.” We become Christians because we receive Christ, who loves us, died for us, lives in us daily.Use their natural bent as a fun way to have them pray for people in their lives based on the person’s height.One day have them pray for those in their life, starting from the tallest to the shortest person.To help him see that, take a globe or pull up a world map on the Internet.Show him where he is on the map, while explaining that God loves everybody everywhere.