Quicken app not updating

Invented more than 30 years ago when most people were still using pencil and paper to track their finances - Quicken is fighting to remain relevant in a world awash with free money-tracking smartphone apps, more than capable bank Web sites and financial overview Web sites like It's a bit of an anachronism - a software program that runs on desktop computers and costs or more.The diminishing role of Quicken is partly by design as the software became a tiny part of a giant financial software company, Intuit (INTU).Intuit , which turned into a multi-billion corporation on the success of Quicken, is giving up the fight trying to sell Quicken to consumers.Quicken is still important - and could be even more important depending on what's next. Most Quicken users, typically people who monitor their money and investments like hawks - will likely get around to upgrading eventually.

Today, consumers have armadas of smartphones, tablets as well as PCs and want access to their files everywhere. Oddly enough, the technology is available for Quicken to allow this to happen.Most online services require you to share your usernames and passwords of your banks and brokerages - which is generally something that should cause you pause. But even major banks' Web sites have been compromised, so it's safe to think that security is a real concern.Some banks are starting to push back - seeing the greater security risks. Convincing a generation why it should actually pay for software.The software's maker, Intuit, has decided it's a battle it would rather not fight.