Dating someone with aids

It's a historic moment for HIV activism, and an opportunity to defeat stigma of those living with the virus once and for all. A person living with HIV with a sustained suppressed viral load poses no risk of transmitting HIV." — Jesse Milan, Jr., President & CEO, AIDS United, March, 2017 We’re fun! There’s an alarming population of people who distrust medicine thanks to social and cultural factors — many gay men among them.I’m coming up on my five-year anniversary with HIV. Medicine isn’t perfect and big pharma is real, but all the rallying, organizing, research, and billions of dollars poured into a virus that hit us suddenly and brutally have accomplished something extraordinary: we are on the cusp of an AIDS-free world. How do we make this happen without me getting infected? Many sero-different couples (where one is HIV positive and the other is not), continue to have loving relationships. Viral load tests tell you how much virus there is in your body. And what about the day I marry her and we want to have kids? Answer: Angelina Namiba Firstly it is really good that you love and support and want to start a family with your girlfriend.Sex education for youth is inadequate in the United States, and info specific to young queer people is nonexistent in most high schools.

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I’m currently dating this woman who has HIV and hepatitis B. This is a very safe way to protect you from catching HIV.

Why automatically refuse so many awesome, adorable guys in your world? That stud probably didn’t realize he has HIV, because you can have the virus and be transmittable for some time before a test will read positive, although newer and better tests make that window period increasingly short.

This hardly needs to be said, but all this science and data, all this anti-stigma campaigning, is not a cleverly-disguised attempt to infect others or spread HIV. There’s this narrative of the “predatory HIV-positive guy” that floats through right-wing media outlets and occasionally plants itself into the minds of gay men — gay men who may be clueless about the realities of HIV today and who are likely clueless about their own HIV statuses. Maybe he simply hasn’t gone to get tested in a few months, and he assumes he’s perfectly fine.

Religious fervor and sex-phobia is still killing us. If we’re taking our meds diligently, we’re not a threat to you.

That’s true regardless of condom use — if you’re undetectable, you’re unable to transmit HIV even when you play bare.