Daddies 10 rules of dating nichkhun and victoria dating

My daughters Alyanna, Mika and I went to watch the Croods last week.

It has been a long time since a good family movie came out.

As you get to know this person, keep your eyes peeled for any odd behavior or unusual comments.

These can be red flags and ultimately keep you from getting involved with someone who could potentially harm you.

A dad’s word can bring life or death in a relationship. The words of affection and encouragement you give your kids would go a long long way.

In terms of action, our words should be backed up by our actions. Same with his daughter Eep who was restored to his dad.

Some movies takes out the father figure altogether so this was a fresh breather from the other movies.

Grug, is an overprotective dad who wants his family to be safe.

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This is also a good reflection for dads to review the rules they set at home.As leaders of the household, are we leading our family to move in faith or in fear?Eep in discovering the world meets Guy who told them that the world is going to end.For the longest time, fathers are absent in family movies.They are portrayed as either absentee, negligent, passive and insensitive.