Rye and battle observer dating

Shortly afterwards the M25 is reached, with which it multiplexes for about 5 miles (8.0 km).

At this point, the road becomes a trunk road, a distinction it has held since April 1977.

Immediately before Hastings is the final hill, almost 4 miles (6 km) in length.

other sections of the road were similarly dealt with later in the century.

Cllr Keith Glazier (Con, Rye and Eastern Rother) said he ‘did not recognise being limp in writing letters’ but was not above looking at it again.

But Godfrey Daniel (Lab, Hastings – Braybrooke and Castle) said, “The draft letter I think it’s a bit limp.

Maybe it’s designed to be a bit limp.”He suggested East Sussex Tory MPs would probably be supporting £320m in the Budget for free schools and selective education.

Often traffic is slow-moving, particularly on weekdays on the single carriageway stretches; and in summer with holiday traffic.

There have been many proposals to upgrade parts of the A21 in response to this.