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Unable to break her promise, it is said, Lakshmi stayed permanently in Veliyangadi.

Mananchira is a large tank in the heart of the city.

Veliyangadi is not a typical 'place of interest' to visit.

The noise, rush and heat of this narrow lane would test any visitor's mettle.

The 'Beach Road' was renamed Gandhi Road from Evan's Road after Mahatma Gandhi's visit in January 1934.

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To the western side of Mananchira is located the C. Once the main courtyard of the Zamorin Ruler's palace, the Mananchira ground along with the older Ansari Park (named after the freedom fighter Ansari) has been developed into a well- maintained park called 'Mananchira Square'.Muslim, Jain and Hindu seths, Gujarathi and Marwari moneylenders and Tamil and Andhra Chettis can be seen busy with their businesses, as they did for centuries.Merchants and accountants still use a unique system of finger-code language as noted by Ma Huang of Zheng He's fleet in 1403.It has a green carpet lawn fenced with laterite- sculpted walls.The entire complex is circled by 250 lamp posts designed in 'colonial' style.