Dead man dating full episode

The real perp is worse, and once they find him he negotiates the removal of the death penalty to give up the location of his final victim.152. 2 It’s a classic twist of where the good guy who’s helping the squad catch the bad guy was actually the bad guy all along.

Plus Benson gets to punch the rapist square in the face.151. 11 Blair Underwood’s father is accused of raping his wife and Stabler thinks he’s innocent.

How did everyone in the squad room fail to notice a random kid in a uniform? Part of me wishes the writers would stop throwing her into traumatic situations, but the other part is like, “Hell yes, gimme all your over-the-top suspenseful madness, .”195. 16 Based on the Natalee Holloway disappearance, a teenager is found dead and sexually assaulted. When a boy’s heroin addiction prevents him from testifying against a therapist who’s assaulting girls (James Frain), Dr.

When the cousin of one of the murderers testifies, he’s later kidnapped and murdered by both killers. 15 One of the earliest episodes about incest (there are a lot), begins with the body of a pregnant girl, leading to the discovery that she and her boyfriend were half-siblings.192. Huang risks his license to take the addict to a clinic for an illegal drug that will curse his addiction.191. 6 A homicide detective (Nestor Serrano) is accused of rape by his wife.

The mother (Schuyler Fisk) admits she wanted to get rid of her child.

Also: the father of the child is also its grandfather.161. 4 An ex-con is suspected in a series of murders and rapes targeting young black women.

When Stabler tries to arrest the boyfriend and he suddenly dies of heart failure, Stabler is investigated by IAB for manslaughter.185. 21 An ex-con working as a professor is framed for murder by one of his students.

A couple steal eggs from a fertility clinic to get publicity for their activism organization, but end up accidentally destroying the eggs.Then she frames her stepson (Jonathan Bennett) who she’s also sleeping with, then marries him so he won’t testify against her. While both are suspected of the murder, it’s their attorney (Michelle Borth) who killed the woman out of jealousy. 8 Benson and Stabler ofter disagree on cases, usually stemming from something personal in their lives.She then admits she loves the son and pulls him off a rooftop with her. But in this episode it hinders their ability to investigate a case where a woman (Shannyn Sossamon) accuses her professor of rape.166. 10 A retried pro football player (Treat Williams) is charged with the statutory rape of a 14-year-old girl.Maggie Siff’s court officer helps them dispose of the body.194. 9 Benson gets in a car accident with Stabler’s pregnant wife! The investigation reveals they are both abusive to each other.190. 5 Amanda Seyfried plays a student found duct taped and beaten in her dorm.Her unreliable testimony leads to her rapist getting acquitted, but it inspires another one of his victims to come forward.189. 19 The remains of a Romanian immigrant named Ava are dug up along with a collar and a leash.