Event viewer application log not updating

Once you’ve selected what you want in the view, you’ll be asked to give the custom view a name, and then you can use it to see just the events that you’ve filtered for.

It’s an incredibly great way to deal with massive logs full of nonsensical information events.

For instance, the Administrative Events view in recent versions of Windows displays all of the Error, Warning, and Critical events whether they originated from the Application log or the System log.

The middle pane displays a list of events, and clicking on them will display the details in the preview pane – or you can double-click on any of them to pull it up in a separate window, which can be handy when you are looking through a big set of events and want to find all the important things before beginning an internet search.

For the purpose of this article we put up a page on our own server, and you are welcome to use it. That would be just fine, except for many of these events, there are not a lot of other good results.It’s worth noting that just because the message shows an error doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world, unless it shows up all the time. Curious about the Event in the screenshot earlier in the article?If you get the message “Access to drivers on Windows Update was blocked by policy”, the solution is really simple.You just end up at an error page on Microsoft’s site.What’s scary is that 8464 people rated the Page Not Found as helpful.

Event viewer application log not updating