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"When he loves spoiling you but you got your own money so you spoil him instead," she captioned the video. "She make me do s**t that I don’t normally do, like take vitamins, drink water, s**t like that," he quipped.While Rose's love life appears to be on the up-and-up, her best friend, Blac Chyna, has had a dramatic week after her ex-fiance, Rob Kardashian, posted NSFW photos allegedly of her along with private text message exchanges.Explaining how she was using her body to promote an important cause, she said: "I wanted to prove a point, and of course arguing with Piers Morgan, who is such a dick… I posted a picture of Adam Levine with a woman grabbing his dick and balls, and Piers was like, 'You know that's different because that was for testicular cancer — so that's okay.' Men feel like they can do whatever, and show their bodies off constantly, but we can't — that's bullshit.""People are very uncomfortable with the female body.It's ok to leak images onto the Internet and people are like, 'Yeah, that's so cool.' But if you actually do it yourself and in a way that's owning your own sexuality, it's almost taboo." It actually kind of sounds like she's hinting at Rob Kardashian's drama with Blac Chyna and how he posted her nude pictures online for the world to see.

Two white tigers - Amar and Shreyas - managed to find their way into an adjacent enclosure which was home to the Bengal tigers at Bannerghatta Biological Park.

We can't possibly be sexually confident, because then we're whores. We're incapable of love if we're too beautiful or if we're too successful.

It's all really, really fucked up." podcast on Thursday, the 33-year-old opened up about all the hate she's received since making her relationship with the 24-year-old star public.

I'm at the grocery store and it's just like, "You're a f***ing whore.

On Sunday, the 33-year-old model shared a photo of herself in bed with the 24-year-old "Bank Account" rapper, along with a sweet message that praised his treatment of her.