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If the opinions of these partners are different, though, explosions may ensue!It often appears that Taurus will get prevail as the dominant partner, but that isn’t always the case.Additionally, Taurus is more direct while Scorpio is mysterious.Because of their differences, both Signs can grow and learn from each other if they can agree to compromise.The two Signs coming together form the basic foundation of human relationships — Venus’ love and Mars’ passion.Venus and Mars go well together; Venus is about the beauty of romance, and Mars is about the passion of romance.Taurus and Scorpio are strongly loyal to each other, a product of their mutual need for emotional security.

This combination is very intense, thanks to Pluto’s influence, but it’s a good balance of masculine and feminine energy.

Taurus and Scorpio enjoy working together toward owning things: Taurus wants possessions and Scorpio wants power.

Both of these Signs are about wealth and resources, including inheritances and taxes.

He can be jealous and possessive at times, still if he is assured of commitment by the woman, he adjusts just fine.

On the flip side, a Taurus man is averse to all kinds of change, be it in his routines or food or clothing.