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Soon after, she found out that singing and music were her true passions and loves.

She became a freelance singer, performing back up vocals with the Josephine Theatre (a local theater troupe), and singing in the band The Oh So Good! Haley graduated from William Howard Taft High School in San Antonio.

In an interview on tour Haley also revealed that she wants to move to Nashville and do a country album once the tour is over.The journey had its ups and downs, but I grew in every way imaginable and the aftermath was nothing short of amazing for my career. I personally thought that when Simon Cowell left after Season 8, the show was done.I still watched because the talent level on some of the seasons was undeniable, but then it started revolving around the judges and wasn’t so much about the talent anymore.On March 8, 2007, Scarnato was voted through to the Top 12 over Sabrina Sloan, with whom she was roommates.This caused some controversy with fans since Sloan had been pegged as the better singer by most of the viewing public.